social media...

Twitter is someone at a bar who has a funny joke to tell you. Facebook is a relative that wants you to watch a slide show of their vacation. Matt Thompson via Bob and Tom.

Could not have described it better. There are many that would disagree with me and believe me, Facebook has been very good to me. Not unlike church, I have made some great friendships and even found long, lost relatives. Enough to stay loyal, for a time.

Remember My Space? Never go into it but it is the grandfather of social media. Maybe it is not fair to compare Twitter and Facebook. Maybe they really are apples and oranges but the thing is, we can only eat so much fruit. Unless someone wants to develop a 12 step program for those who binge on edible reproductive body of a seed plant.

Twitter clicks all the boxes for me. Latest news, a good Story and whatever the lastest thing Jerry Seinfeld is doing. If something personal happens, someone will let me know. Then why do I still have a Facebook account? Good question. Maybe loyalty, always hoping for it to kick it up a notch but remember...would you expect an apple to do a citrus job?

Maybe I will watch the 20 year olds and see what they do. AFter all, they are the future. Come to think of it, I don't see many of them on either platform. Will social media as we know it go by the way of cable TV. These 20 somethings won't pay for TV. Some have Netflix or Hulu Plus but most watch from the portable devices and don't have to see the latest episode of Downton Abbey, as it is happening. They are way better at delaying gratification that we are. Look out Cable TV, you make have to rethink your, Are you ready for some football marketing?The worse part, they will do be doing the same thing for their kids.

What will social media look like in 5 years, 10 years? Whatever its form, SM is here to stay. We are more and more mobile everyday. Move over AA, there is a new kid in town...