I can't imagine any of us like being associated with exaggeration but it is part of the human experience. Anyone who says it isn't part of their lives is lying, another thing that we all have in common.

We use exaggeration for many different reasons and results. To feel better about ourselves, to make ourselves look better in our own eyes as well as those around us. We use the Big E when we tell Stories because we think our Stories will be more interesting if the fish weighs 50 lbs instead of 3 lbs, 4 oz. When telling Stories of girl and guy behavior, exaggeration is a given, believe only 50% and you will be much closer to the truth.

If exaggaeration is about more.... Like the one old woman said to the other, I already told you more than I know, What is it called when it goes the other way? Imagine telling someone you weigh100 lbs more than you do? Then they would think you were tiny for your weight Or shorter, or not as bright. I may be on to something here. Accentuate the negative.

At times, there is a fine line between exaggeration and truth. When I say spending an hour every Sunday with my grandson in church is like heaven on earth to me, I am serious, yet someone else may think I am embellishing plight. In this case, I am not. I am very aware of every moment and the more days I have behind me than in from of me, I realize it more and more.

Exaggaration or truth,

I now weigh what it says on my drivers licence.

I have bumped into Frank Sinatra.

If I have ever told you I love you, it is as true today as the day I said it, no matter what...All truth. You look marvelous darlin, never better...All the Big E.