summer 2013...

School got out the end of May. Even though it is not officially summer then, we all think it is and act accordingly. Summer only started Friday and already there has been a week of VBS, swim lessons, tutoring and just finished a week of horseback riding lessons.

Morgan took to this like a fish to water. I imagine I will be visiting her on her big ranch in Ada County in the not so far future. Since she is not allowed to date until she is 30, she will need extra help with the animals and will not venture far. The boys are also liking being out and being told, You are the boss...make sure your horse knows that. What kid wouldn't like being the boss?

As I reflect on what the rest of this summer will look like, I can't help but thinking about last summer. I was sick, the sickest I have ever been. There was no light at the end of the tunnel. It was a dark time for me personally. I will never forget. Someone I know is going through a dark time this summer. I told them my Story and told them not to give up hope. While their memory of this time will always be difficult, I hope they can share their Story next summer with someone going through the same thing.

We almost have a year of retirement behind us. DH says it is still tough, just living with me should be a reward, all its self. Planning a big trip next year so think we will lay low this year. I feel better and that is fun enough for me. We have had a lot of adjustments this year and I think we have weathered this, pretty well.

So Summer 2013, bring it! Different mindset, different year, time to renew and party on!!!!