last Saturday was family picture day. It a day that the sooner and better you smile, the quicker this whole thing will go. They are now at the age where they are more able to control themselves and smile for a few sconds. 381 shots later, it looks like we will be doing this again in a few weeks.

Not because of the closed eyes, of which there were many or the eyes looking around. It has to do with someone getting their bangs cut a few hours before Picture Time. You should also know that we had to stop at the same salon to have the bangs, fixed. That alone, tells the whole Story.

With multiple locations and the getting in and out of the car, there has to be some downtime. I love taking photos of them as a family and as much as mommy wants a canvas on her big living room wall with everyone smiling, down by the river..this is the one I would choose.

Really, the haircut is all you can see?

His charm just kept oozing out the whole time. Miss M was cuteness galore and Keaton's face just loves the camera. Despite the rough start, it was a great time.

Look forward to doing it again in a few weeks. Canvas worthy is the name of the game but these photos, the uncanvas worthy will always make me happy as all photos should do. Love you buddy!