Had a wonderful visit with Uncle Dean last week. First road trip of retirement, the 6 hour drive was breathtakingly beautiful. It is really a miracle that we made it, or that we found my uncle.

I had looked for him for several years. The phone number I had was no longer in service. I knew he had a heart attack a while back so put the two together and figured he was gone. Had heard from a long lost not relative that his wife had died, all the signs pointed to, I was too late.

For many and various reasons, have not had any contact with my father's side fo the family for many years, at least 25 since my father's death. I had searched Facebook before with little success but I tried and ried again, and about a month ago, they all popped up. Cousins, aunts and uncles, all in one place. So I knew my uncle was still alive, it was just a matter of time before I got his number and we were on our way.

We just stayed a day, he wanted us to stay longer but he had fishing and we had Keaton's graduation from middle school. We happily talked the day away and then dinner and then more talk. My cousin and her daughter and husband who live next door visited until the wee hours. We all were tired, hit the hay, day done. In the morning we visited a bit more and headed home.

You would think it would be difficult to catch up on 25 years yet it didn't go that way. I filled in blanks for him and he gave me some answers I had been looking for. He was only 8 when I was born and I spent alot of time living with my grandparents and uncle when I was a child. I told him I was sorry if I was a pain, he said I wasn't. He said I had brushed shoulders with Frank Sinatra as had he. He was in junior high and it made as big an impressions on him as it did me. He told me about his experience with Danny Thomas, wow.

As I have reflected back on the visit, of this I am sure. Being a Daniels has and always be a part of my DNA. We are natural Storytellers and comedians. We have big attitudes and most of what everybody does, hits us the wrong way. We would like to beat up more people than we do, and religion is such a part of our Story, not because we all believe but because we don't.

Thanks for the hospitality, Uncle Dean! Good luck on your next bass tournament, may God bless you real good...