fluidity, rather than viscidity

Fluidity - the state of being fluid rather than vicsous.
Viscidity - having a thick, sticky consistency between solid and liquid, an adhesive quality/Wiktionary.

This explains quite a bit to me on a personal level. As I have aged, it has been more and more difficult to make friends, my own age. It was at a church ladies retreat, many years ago that a flash-in-the-pan response changed it all.

Gear down 10 years... She told me to find friends that were 10 years younger. On the outside, it may not seem very profound, but it changed my life. Call it immature or refusal to grow up, I have had a very hard time getting along with people my own age. Nothing in common and my basic refusal to gear down or take on the activities that I just can't bring myself to do.

In conversation with a good friend last week, it occured to me that the answer may in in being fluid versus viscous. The definition certainly fits the feelings I have experienced. Maybe more than any other time in our lives, as we age - if we are flexible, pliable and willing to be, we may find outselves - on our own.

Don't do that, leave it for the young people... was told this month while trying to clean up and load the car. I did not comply.

There is going to be a bigger and bigger cost as I buck those who share my season of life. Gearing down was one of the best things I have ever done. As I match on, my banner raised high, waving the in the wind says, This Girl Runs On Fluidity. They may have to go home and dust off the dictionary to explain it but I would gladly teach them how to Google...