My basic nature is not one of a lighthouse. I like to help, even over help and...I am good at it.

There is quite a bit wrong with that one sentence. even I can see that. Even if we are good at Something, doesn't mean we should do it, each and every time. While it comes in handy, it can also be one's undoing.

Using it wisely is a life long battle. Do I want to feel good about myself at the cost of doing harm, maybe even irreparable harm?? It is not only possible, but deep down or eventually, we know it.

Think of the lighthouse. It is an absurd thought to think of a lighthouse, chasing some down. We know it is not possible, and really stupid...yet, we seem to think, it is for us. True, we are not made of thousands of pounds of wood and rock and a lighthouse that moves is impossible to fathom because even somethings are. I want to be a lighthouse, a real one. One that doesn't move, that is my dream.