nothing but the truth...

It is Something that takes years of experience, working in the background until is is a part of you. The only thing you know is that when you smell it, you instantly know what it is. It is not the scent of one who casually drinks but one who had made alcohol a career. I never know where to expect it and it has shown up at some pretty unlikely places on some pretty unlikely people.

From one in the clergy in a church setting to a family barbeque. You smell it first. Then, you see who it belongs too. It is a skill that no one would ever ask for. It will change you each time, you get a whiff of it and your view of the one to whom it is attached. It will not be a good feeling. There may be a sense of gloom, knowing what it took to someone to get to this place. This is not the beginning, this is much closer to the end.

In the case of the One who has hung his star on Jesus, he has admitted to battling alcohol addiction to the present day. It happened more than 10 years ago in a college chapel setting. It was the last night of a 3 night lecture series. I had heard him speak a few times before and was completely enamored with this man of faith. Lecture was over, I had brought my copy of his favorite book and while not one to care about having an author signature, decided to go for it. He was all by himself as I walked up to him, sitting at the table, looking out toward the window. I smelled it before I was within 3 feet of him. He had no idea. I couldn't speak so I just opened my book and he signed it. No expression, no words. The smell had solidified for both of us. I walked away, stunned. He looked back at the window.

In what will be his last book, he now admits what I already knew. The side of heaven, there are things in our lives that are fluid. Good and bad.

I am not measured by the good I do but by the grace I accept...BManning.

The truth, nothing but the truth...