via Cathy Zielske

If you find yourself, not wanting to do much, you are not alone.
If you want to keep your kids close and not let them go, you are not alone.
If your heart is heavy, you are not alone.

While many think they have answers or refuse to even discuss changing existing laws for fear of losses perceived rights, the truth is we are all, hurting. This is a multi-layer problem and no one has the correct way to make the pain we are feeling, go away.

Maybe with the unthinkable that has happened, we will understand that is will keep happening. We may start to understand that we are not safe, anywhere. Whether the grocery store, the movie theater, church and even school, we live in a different world and the problem will not be solved with less than different solutions.

Be with your feelings. The first of 27 funerals were held today. 25 more to go. Not a big deal if you live anywhere but Newtown. Remember those in prayer as you go through out your week. We have Keaton's Christmas concert tomorrow night. I will be remebering those who will be attending burials, not Christmas programs this week.

We will forget. There will be more mass shootings, maybe even more unimaginable than this one. Hard to believe now, but in a few days, not so much...