Sometimes, not so merry and bright...

You are in a good mood, Christmas music is playing and the mail is especailly anticipated. What you don't want is for anything to go wrong.

Thankfully, while the mug is broke, the other packages have so far, made it through, unharmed. Got a few more things coming, and then I will start my panic shopping.

Thank goodness, we live in an age of overnight everything and for the right price, we need not worry our pretty little heads too much. With email and few quick photos, our predicament is explained and a remedy will be on its way when said item is back in stock.

Just like Real Life, the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas is filled with things not so merry and bright. I know a little girl and her family who are facing a Plasma excahgne today, then chemo and a bone marrow transplant next week.

There are more important things than, Merry and Bright.

We are convinced this time of year that if we just give enough...everyone, yes, everyone will have a Merry Christmas and we can feel good about doing our part and going on to enjoy our Merry and Bright without a lot of guilt. If that gets you through...

We can't save the world.
We can't give enough to make our guilt, go away.

What we can do is learn to appreciate Merry and Bright when we can, and when we can't, to still be thankful. Anything less, would make us as broke as my Focus Ceramic Lens Cup...