favorite things...

This time of year, most everything is magical. even the plight of the homeless. Everywhere you turn, we are helping those less fortunate than ourselves. Of course that all ends on December 26 but that is another post.

Most of the things that make me somewhat giddy this time of year, have nothing to do with money. Sometimes the best things in life are free but we fail to see the value. The annual church Christmas program is one of them for me.

This will be the last year that we will be able to talk Gage into doing it. A few more years for Miss M and then, this seasonal tradition will be no more. I remember sitting through a month of practices with Brandi and now, with the grandbabies. There is just Something about children singing that brings the truth of Christmas, that much closer.

This morning was to be the surgery day for Brianna. Getting her ready for a bone marrow transplant, that will save her life. The surgery was cancelled, she had been running a temp of 103 all night. No info on when they are going to try again.

I had a nice talk with Brianna's mom yesterday. She talked of how they got moved to a new room in the hospital and how much better it was. She talked of the view outside their window. She told me that her mom had bought some things that glow in the dark and at night, that makes Brianna, the happiest.

We each have our favorites at Christmas. Old traditions kick in and Sometimes, we have to adjust and make new ones. On Dec 23, I will watch with tears in my eyes as Morgan and Gage sing their little hearts out. I will also remember that there are other families who would give anything to see their kids in a Christmas program. Praise be for new traditions. May God bless us, everyone...