Should anyone knock at my heart and say, Who lives here? I should reply, not Martin Luther but the Lord Jesus Christ. Martin Luther.

Suppose, I decided to start helping one of my very best friends. I want to share her, with the world. I make it my life time mission to spread the love that I have got from her, with everyone I meet.

Suppose I start by defining what I perceive her to be, then be it. Well meaning as I may be, my perception and even more, my reproduction of who she is, doesn't always translate. To go from one, through two and then to the world, you lose quite a bit. If she spoke for herself, I might even learn a thing or two.

Do the same for Jesus.
Stop right now.
Don't do anything for Him, every again.
Start right now.
Let Him speak through you.
Quite trying to show Him to the world,
Let Him, show Himself.

Fight the urge to project yourself, in any way. EVen if it seems like you are doing nothing, by doing less - you are doing more.

Let Him shine, or not. Let Him lead. Just be open and ready to go when called upon and not, until...