being Real...

Every year the dictionary people add a few new words that have become popular and part of everyday culture. We are nothing if not ever changing and because of that, I think it is time to use that same thinking and take some words, away. Words and phrases that don't work and should not be uttered. Phrases like, It's good for you, could go first.
Has this changed anybody's mind? I would dare say, it has not. If anything put, It's good for you, out there and it is a sure death sentence. We are a nation where food, drugs, cheating, stealing and hundreds more, are winning. We are not motivated by what is good for us. Look at the bible. You don't have to go too far before you get to the ugly stuff.
Adam, anything you want just stay away from that tree. Look how that turned out. Let's use our words for good and not for evil. Let's find a way to help and not hurt. It's also time, to get Real and then, it will all come together