Happy Mother's Day...

Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant says in a court filing that he never gave his mother permission to sell mementos from his high school days and early professional basketball career. Bryant is in a court battle over whether hundreds of items can be auctioned off. Pamela Bryant says her son told her the memorabilia was hers. She arranged earlier this year to auction it off through Berlin, N.J.-based Goldin Auctions and received a $450,000 advance.

This little 5x7 card was a little extra Something, something that came with my photo order this week. Everyone who placed an order during this MD promo received one of these. For some, it will mean the world. For some, it will bring tears. For others, it will bring pain. For some, it will mean, nothing.

Mother's and Father's Day invoke strong emotion in most of us. We each have our own experience which is unique to only us. While some wouldn't have their childhood, any other way...for some, there is no celebration unless it is a, Thank God and Greyhound you are gone, Moment. Yes, I belong in the second group.

If you got dealt one of these cards, and can use it - by all means do. If you received one and need to, throw it out and don't beat yourself up. Now or any other Mothers Day. Ever.

If you are not a Mother and feel left out, celebrate with a friend or a neighbor or not at all but don't feel bad. You know someone who is a good mother, maybe to a two-legged darling or maybe, a four legged one. You probably have seen the love of a mother and child, even if strangers and, it made you smile. Maybe your favorite book is one of love the way everyone who is human, craves. NO matter how old you are, to have a safe place to fall... is an wish one never gets over.

With one frantic 911 call on Monday evening, three women missing for years were found in a Cleveland house where they had been held against their will by three brothers, police in Ohio said.
"I’ve been kidnapped,” Berry, who disappeared a decade ago, told the dispatcher. “I’ve been missing for 10 years and I’m out here. I’m free now.


Whatver this Sunday looks like to you, be in the Moment. It only last 24 hours and then the world is off to something else. If you have Something wonderful to celebrate like I do, be thankful. There are many women who would kill to be in your shoes. Happy Mother's Day to each of us...