fear and intolerance...

XXXXX X XXXX, 18, of Nampa, Attended Columbia High. Killed by hate and intolerance. Sisters, XXXXXXX XXXXXXX, & XXXXXXXXXX XXXX; parents, XXXX & XXXXXX XXXX. Will always live in our hearts. Arrangements pending.
Idaho Press Tribune.

The instant you find out you are pregnant, a silent fear is born. Deep within, no eye or ear can see or hear. Pretty sure we are not aware of it for a while, then it is there, for your to feel, avoid, and leanr ot live with.

No parent should have to bury a child, we all say. It is that fear born long ago, come true. When our babies are young the fears are different. As they grow, the fears change and so do we. If you are the praying kind, you do, with all your heart. Yet you are fully aware that is rains on the just as well as on the unjust. That is what the fear reminds you of, the coulds.

This obituary is one from one town. This young lady committed suicide. By the tone of the death notice, it is clear where the parents and family place the blame. You could argue against their statement. Using the same logic as gun control, guns don't kill people, people kill people. I know this is a delicate situation. I have not walked in their particular shoes, yet have lost one parent to suicide, the other to suicide by alcoholism. At her age, I know the thoughts. While our circumstances were undoubtly different, the thought process is the same. Why was she successful and not me? We will never know. Being young comes with a set of troubles all its own. The secret is to understand that and see it through. It does get better, I am living proof.

Hate and intolerance have always been around. Always. The only thing that has changed is us and the choices we make to hate. It will always be around and there will always be tragic times for families, just like this one. May God bless us and have mercy on us all...