in the scheme of things...

I do realize there are much bigger issues in life.
I also realize that we focus much of our time, on those bigger issues.

This is not one of them.

Costco, Costco, Costco... how I love you and your food court so. From the fine chocolate yogurt, to the wonderful hotdogs and delightful ice cream bars.And your beverage bar, was one of the best. Not just because you used Coke products but the delicious mix of soda water to syrup. Having had a soda fountain in my home, I know of what I speak.

I overheard last week that Pepsi was coming in. Not just my Costco but corporate wide. I knew there was no turning back. Either Pepsi had an offer that Costco couldn't refuse and Coke would not match, or Coke stopped caring. Either way, It was Doomsday and I happened to walk in that morning. I got there just as the final handshake was being done.

I spoke the words I never thought I would say, Pepsi please.

Thought I would get it a shot, my shopping at Costco will not be brought down by one measly little drink, Sonic is only a few steps away.

I was not disappointed... It was swill water, as is my Diet Pepsi experience most everywhere else. New machines, new recipes, the magic is gone.

Life is all about change, some good and some bad. If I try a put a spiritual spin on this, not sure how God could turn this into good. It is like using your superpowers for the wrong team.

Some one had to be happy. Pepsi people will rejoice. There are those who share the same blood as me that are Pepsi people. My favorite SIL is one, I heart him so. Still do.

In the scheme of things, it is a little thing but when you add it all up, it is still a little thing. I get that. Way to grow up, Little Girl...