He taped his shoes onto his foot for a very good reason. The same reason he excels at Hallway Swimming. We are so proud!

No, I really mean it. While many, many things teenage boys do may seem to beg the questions, why... This seems prefectly normal and shows quite a bit of imagination. He is our creative boy. He spent time yesterday showing us how to build a Duck tape wallet, which I am now the proud owner of. His mind wanders, loves music and he is free spirit. While these conditions are not perfect for parents raising a child, my responsibilites as a nana, are a bit more flexible.

There is no better time to have an imagination than summer. He will do well. Oh, there will be times of boredom or being too hot or both. He will smart off, and go in his room. Those will be the times that we grab some Duck tape and make Something. Something that I will make him come up with. It may even wow him and, the taped flip flops? Playing basketball and needed flip flops to hold tight. Flip flop tennis shoes, who knew?