christmas card 2008

There were 299 pictures on the card so I should be able to pick out a few that I like. Oh yes, there were a few. At no other time of the year, does my nana photo skills come in as handy as today. After church and lunch and without any promises of rewards, we turn the garage into a studio and shot away. The color theme had already been established and mommy opted for black background shots this year so that is how it went.

As I took pictures of each of them by themselves, the others entertained themselves in the front yard, chasing leaves or whatever. It was a beautiful afternoon and we all felt our spirits being lifted. We may have been shooting pictures for Christmas but snow and winter was about the furthest thing from all our minds.

Even DH who got to spend the day with us commented on what a fun day it was. He lives vicariously thru us - you have to do that when you work 7 days a week but for the next 2 weeks, he will get to experience it along with the rest of us.

He usually has his journal with him at church, today he left it home but used the bulletin as he would his book. There is always his shorthand of where the speaker is coming from and then the detailed drawing of a motorcycle. I looked over and I have many, many times. I have missed watching him draw on Sundays, it is just something I fascinated by. While he is listening, he is drawing. It helps with the listening process and the drawings are incredibly detailed, When he was finished, I asked to have his bulletin. I want to tape it into his book. DD said, this is what she wants from her dad Someday. It really is him, his essence, who he really is.

I get that and is probably why I wanted to grab it today. He was confused but handed it over. Maybe I will just carry it around in my purse for a while. Maybe I will look at next time I go to church and I miss having him there. Sounds silly but it is what it is. We had a fun day, we both agreed. What else could anyone ask for?