Happy Thanksgiving...

Thanksgiving - it always brings up visions of pilgrims and Indians in my head. Probably not unlike our Thanksgiving Feast at Gage's kindergarten class today - we sat on blankets and shared our bountiful harvest with each other. Pilgrims and Indians, side by side. I imagine they discussed future Thanksgivings as we wondered about theirs.

Many things would be different. Deli meat would be our game of choice, no one had to bring ammo to school just in case the deli was running low. There was a wide array of vegetables and while they were the very last thing to go, they did go. The brownies went first, the pumpkin pie with whipped cream lasted much longer. The first Thanksgivers probably didn't have cubed cheese and Ritz crackers but a suitable substitute for their day.

I am in charge of veggies and dip this year. I hope the pilgrims and Indians had dip. There is nothing quite like a good,homemade ranch dip, good on everything and I have to believe that no decent Thanksgiving feast would ever go on without it.

I'm so glad for that I got to experience the dinner with TG decorations. That may be the only thing missing on Thursday. Whether pilgrim hats with a buckle or Indian ones with feathers attached, knowing which team the guy sitting next to you is on is a great conversation starter. I will have to find a different way at the table on Thursday to get that going. We could sure learn from those who came before us or kindergartner's, which ever is closer. Happy Thanksgiving - see ya back on Cyber Monday.