know who you are...

It is Day 9 of the writing class that I signed up for a while ago. I've got my notebook, my cardstock and I was ready to go. Day One, I showed up bright and early, ready to go. I downloaded all the course information. What is there about a free online course about learning more about Storytelling that would not tickle anyone - no less me, myself and I. All the personalities agreed initially, that this was a go. A win-win. No one saw a down side. Certainly not me.


There was a list of questions to get you started. I froze. I know my Stories and I have shared them with many people. Apparently, I didn't understand that this time, it would be a audience of one and that one wasn't willing to write them down. What good could come from my first Childhood memory being tragic and makes you want to cry? I read thru more of the prompts and they all went where I was unwilling to go. In some ways, I have lived several lives.

I got married the day after I turned 20 so I see the Part 1 of my life as everything before the wedding. It is not necessarily where most of the bad is but because some much of it is wrapped up in childhood, it feels like it. Part 2covers ages 20 - 47. There were many more scary things that happened, some that should have been fatal. It was a time to grow up, like it or not. It probably is my least favorite part. Part 3 starts when I find out the next generation is on its way, this is definitely my favorite. Not only because of the little ones that have come into my life but because I finally feel like I understand and am able to learn every more. Combined with a childlike faith, this would be the time I must sing. I now know who I am, flaws and all and I love it all.

Maybe this isn't the right Season of my life to do this writing class. I will continue to monitor the two week class and keep all the wonderful downloads, for another time. Maybe just being able to section off the years is where I need to be, right now. It will give me a jumping off point later, when I am ready. Feels good to know something, anything these days. A great way to end the day...