Ted Haggard, Micheal Phelps and Ted Daschle... and many, many more.

We need 2 different words for apologize. One is just not cutting it. We need one word for when someone apologizes before being caught and a different one for when one is caught, an after the fact - I'm sorry. They really are too completely different emotions. While I believe that both are sincere, the motivations behind each are completely different and I know this because I am the same exact way.

While apologizing after the fact may not seem so, I think is is very sincere. Me/you/them are sincerely, completely, desperately sorry - for being caught. Let's keep the old apologize word for those whose consciences got the best of them. They choose a bad path, made a wrong choice and want to correct it quickly. When used in that context, I sincerely apologize, from the bottom of my heart - will mean Something and we will take them at their word and move on.

So, what word should we use when we have had time to think about what we did and have chosen to take our chances as to being caught? We have decided purposefully that we do want it all and are willing to risk everything to have it. Boy, that is going to be a doozy - good luck and I will be watching for the home version of that game. It is so bottom-feederish of those who take the risks to have it all, to apologize to the rest of us for simply being caught. Make no mistake, I believe each of us has or will be in this boat at some time in our lives. I have done some things I am not proud of. Here's a little confession:

I stole a pair of earring in junior high.
I had a tow truck haul away a teacher's car in high school. (he had it coming)
I have falsified my weight on my driver license.

Never caught at any or these except for a few glances at the DMV but no direct accusations. We all want it all. Anybody who says different is lying. While this may always be human nature, I still think a new word is in order, maybe it would even help all of us believe more in each other and that can only be a good thing...