You know those questionnaires that people are always exchanging to know each other better? Last week, I did 48 random things and one with three answers for each question. They are really not my thing but sometimes I do them, just because.

I so love numbers so if I were to write one, and I am not (I heard that collective sigh of relief!) but if I did - this is how it might go:


1. 100% of the time, if I live in the Moment - I am never disappointed.
2. 90% of the time, I am aware that God is near, no matter what my head says.
3. 80% of the time, I know that life isn't always fair.
4. 70% of the time, creativity is coming easier.
5. 60% of the time, I know what is for dinner tomorrow.
6. 50% of the time, I have music on when I scrap.
7. 40% of the time, the news is on in the background.
8. 30% of the time, I realize that more people than I think, are semi-ok.
9. 20% of the time, I know it's not just me.
10. 10% of the time, I am extremely fearful.

We are all a mix of emotions, history, genes and environment. A single event can be seen as a polar opposite by two people. I see more black and white than most. I am actually drawn to B&W - I think I am going to make a books of all my layouts converted to black and white. Actually, I am about 100% sure that is going to happen...