In the photo and scrapbooking world, there is this 365 thing. Angie asked me tonight if I was going to participate this year. I tried it several years ago and for me, it was somewhat of a nightmare. I am glad I did it because I thought it would be something that would be fun and it was anything but.

There is also Miss Ali's One Little World. You pick a word that will be your focus for the next 365 days. Again, I have done this but find that life it too fluid to focus on a task and too complicated to commit to a single belief.

I don't know what tomorrow will bring...or really, what the rest of this day will be. I might take 50 pictures one day and not pick my camera up for the next 5. A word may make me focus in the meantime but I need to be flexible because I may need a completely different word tomorrow.

If you haven't done a 365 day project, I suggest you do. Your experience may be complete different from mine...but if it isn't, I don't want you to feel all alone. It is ok if you struggle and want to quit, The thing is, at the end - you win either way. You will have a memory and will have learned something about yourself. There is no right or wrong here. There is no pass/fail. There is only an opportunity to learn more about what works for you...and what doesn't. That is always well worth the effort.

We are a funny people. We do better at these kind of projects when others have either joined us or act as cheerleaders through the process. I knew I was in trouble by day 8. I have spent the last week trying to encourage those who are ready to cross the finish line. I remember being where they are and my mind had already left the building. I put the photos on a CD, my friend made a coffee table book of hers. We both started at the same place but the finish line looked completely different to the two of us.

The only commitment I have made is a prayer deal with God. Any time, any place, anybody. I don't care their politics, religion or lifestyle. Prayer not for a new car or a Get Out Of Jail Free card but for finding the Love of God to be what they have been looking for. Prayer for one to crawl up in God's lap for some comfort. The offer last for the rest of my days. Whether He ever asks me again, no matter I will be ready but no pressure. If He never takes me up on my offer, I am good with that too.

Life is good when you know when to hold em and when to fold em. When you learned what works and what doesn't. Each of us needs to be ok with the way we roll...I know I am...