The honeymoon...

You don't have to be married to experience a honeymoon. We all experience it in many different ways. Miss M's first ballet lessons was last Thursday and she could not have been happier. She couldn't wait to get there and loved her teacher and that Miss A, her friend was in the same class. Somewhere over the moon, would best describe her where her head is right now.

Right now, we as a country have been in a honeymoon phase with the people in Haiti. We have spent money, time and prayer - nothing seemed to be too much to ask. That is no longer the case, the US had suspended all medical evacuations from Haiti. We can no longer keep up and have no more resources to help in that way. Less than 3 weeks, right in the ballpark that I imagined.

With Haiti, the honeymoon is coming to an end. Sometimes we jump from disaster to disaster and since there has not been another event to move our emotions to, we experience mental/emotional/burn out memories and are ready to move on. It is the human way. Like it or not, that is the way we roll.

I am in the middle of reading Game Change, which covers the 2008 elections. There is a even a honeymoon phase with those we choose to elect to represent us and when we no longer feel the Love, it is over. No amount of flowers or candy can bring it back for any candidate. That Barack Obama won the presidential race is amazing. That Scott Brown won Ted Kennedy's seat in the Senate a year later, is is even more amazing. We have short memories and act on the shiny that is currently in front of us, whatever that looks like.

I love being in the honeymoon phase whenever I find myself there. Whether a book, a movie, an idea or a revelation - it takes me to a Place where everything is wonderful and my personal anthem is least for a while.

Miss M may spend quite a while in her ballet honeymoon stage. She has been smitten for a long time and sometimes, it takes a while to make the shiny seem well, less shiny. I bought myself a Nook for Christmas, had it less than 2 weeks and it started freezing up. Thank goodness for Google, I am not the only one. I returned it Friday night and am again, ereaderless. Short honeymoon, when things go wrong so fast, it wasn't meant to be. Healed and ready to get out there again. We are also a resilient people at times. Love that about us!

As of 8AM, February 1, MSNBC is reporting that President Obama has reversed the US position and will started airlifting Haiit's earthquake victims for medical care to the US starting Monday.