a new baby...

I knew it was going to happen.
Actually, I thought it would have happened by now.
All the women in our family have wanted a baby sister or brother.
I can remember wanting one
and DD, wanting one even more.

Morgan wants a new baby in the family. Doesn't care if it is a girl or boy, she just wants a baby. This is how serious she is - she is praying for one now. Every night, her focus is straight and narrow. Her friend has a baby sister and since they have been hanging out every week at each other's house and Miss M has got to play with Baby Grace, this is something that Morgan can see happening for reals. What frightens me is that I still think about Zander. Morgan would have been Zander, had she been a boy and I suggested Zander could also be a girl name but it was not to be. Zander is a family name from my SIL's side but I love it. In fact, it was my suggestion and I even thought it would be a good girl name but alas, our girl name was already chosen.

Do you think it is wrong of some of us to pray against her? I am never comfortable praying against a child. Just seems wrong and has defeat written all over it. I think I can safely say that she is alone in this prayer. The boys have to share a room with no end in sight, not looking for someone else to house. I am going to say while Mommy and Daddy have huge hearts,the family wallet, like all of us - is being pushed and pulled already.

I love what her mommy told her. If God wants us to have a baby, He will send one. Morgan knows all about prayer and God and this is probably a great assurance to her while I nervously wait in the wings. She is a strong girl and doesn't give up easy. Wonder where she gets that from? Her future husband better be careful (H, this means you? I was told yesterday, you are her only choice! Sorry, will try to help as much as we can)

I understand her desire.
I appreciate all the Love she has to give,
I am also, scared of her prayer.

Prayer is powerful. It often doesn't end like we think and in this case, results are everything. Instead of praying against her, maybe I will pray for her big heart and something for her to Love of a less human nature. Either that or we are going on a Big Adventure...