It has been a quiet weekend. Didn't do anything big, much chilling was on the agenda, leading up to the Boise State, Virginia Tech game last night. Just like Coach Pete said, Just one game at a time.

Even left the computer off 90% of the weekend. That was not the plan, it just evolved. I wonder sometimes if I am overly involved with all things computer and the truth is I could be, but it is also true that how we get our information these days has changed forever. I found myself thinking about what I was missing, and thought about it less and less as the weekend worn on.

Woke up this morning, still in a happy football fog and realized I am more technology-healthy than I would have guessed. It was a good lesson, one I want to keep repeating to check my internet-temperature.

All rested up, ready to go. Just like Coach Pete said, just one game at a time...