As the week starts to come to an end, my mind is racing. With nothing in particular yet everything in general.

Random thoughts that resemble Twitter's 140 character theme.

you are not living a balanced life if you have to buy 2 seats on an airplane.

do you want to spend your life begging God to do what you want him to do?

is happy a adjective or a verb?

It occurred to me last night after book club that my idea of reading has changed so much in the last couple of years. I went from reading books to blogs and now my attention span has atrophied. I want my Stories short and sweet. I have to hang in there with a book where the Story has to develop. No instant gratification so book club is even more of a stretch than every before.

one doesn't know it all at 19, no matter what the mouth may say.

The third member of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, is awesome.

having DH home for the week is good practice for retirement

Happy Weekend! May your brain be aware that whatever the heart sends up, is worth listening too. Everything else needs to be checked out...