Glee - Music; minstrelsy; entertainment

Reece figured out how to take off his shirt by himself. at Home Depot.
over and over, with wild, gleeful, head-turning giggling
/Making Tracks

While waiting for some creative thing to write, that obviously was not forthcoming and watching Glee which is creatively, happy - I turned to the internet for something of casual interest, something that would make sense.

From Twitter, I went to Matt Logelin's blog. Haven't visited there in a long time and spent some time, catching up. Matt lost his wife Liz, 28 hours after the birth of their first child, Madeleine. Maddy is headed for her 2nd birthday and it seems they have made their way through their grief, as much as one can. There was list of widow/widowers blogs and I spent the next hour, reading their Stories.

Stories of moving on and being stuck. Some that are still made and don't understand why. Most of these people were thrust into being one instead of two, in an instant and at a young age. Over the years, I have on a regular basis made lists of things that I can no longer experience. Not normal things, more on the strange side. Being a young widow is one of them. I have great respect for each of their Stories. Great respect.

When I read about Reece and his gleeful giggling, I knew all of these things together, meant something. While I still am not at all sure of exactly what, I think it has more to do with the idea of glee and grief, no matter what Season of life it comes to you. That there is a time of darkness that eventually gives way to feelings that the darkness promised were dead and gone with hope of ever showing their faces again. I think I learned a lesson tonight for Down The Road. For each of us, the promise is the same. No matter what, He has promised to never leave us or forsake us. That is good enough for me...