Are you pouting about something that isn’t happening in your life, thinking God will feel sorry for you? Well, God doesn’t feel sorry for you. Have you been hurt by a Christian and are using it as an excuse to walk away from God? God knows it’s just an excuse, and He knows you know the difference between Him and that nitwit.Donald Miller.

After a week of listening to this Florida pastor talk about burning the Koran on 9/11, this spoke volumes to me. The main thought running running through my head is, think one person can't make a difference? Think again.

By the time I got to nitwit, I had gathered my bearings and was up and running again. Jones and his 15 member church managed to get the attention of garner the attention of most every major political player, including the president. His daughter says he need mental help, I tend to agree.

It almost makes throwing out the baby with the bath water seem like a plausible option. For a second, then after you get your bearings back, you see that if it works for yin, it can also work for yang. All those times we imagined that we can't make a difference, remember this Moment.

all it takes is willingness, not talent.

you are at your best when you feel at your least. Pliable, workable, available

now matter how it feels, it is never a good idea
to throw the baby out with the bathwater, never.

There will always be nitwits. Blame it on Adam and Eve. Hold on to the baby, forever...