My school has egg water...Miss M

That was her explanation the other day for bringing her own bottle of water to school. I totally get this.

We are having the same problem at home. Some days are fine but most others, the water from our kitchen faucet taste like egg water. Even in cooking, the pasta takes on the icky taste. Broke down last week and bought a water filter for the kitchen. Life is too short to eat egg water pasta and drink hot egg water cocoa!

We all have multiple filters that we use to see life everyday. We make value judgements before and after the filter adjustments. They are usually different in nature although still smack of some familiarity.

People, place and things - I made judgements in all three categories last week. Some were recognized for the egg water they are. Sometimes, you just have to suck it up and figure out you better just use the filter because it is what it is. Understanding that we all don't start start at the same place. Carrying around those childhood filters and early adult filters, not sure we ever discard them but fairly sure, we might consider it.

Miss M didn't know about egg water before kindergarten and all waters will know be judged by that one discovery. Life changing in a heartbeat. Still adding to my plethora of filters daily, I hope they are wise and healthy choices. After all, that is wear I am hanging my hat...