comfort and joy...

With the exception of one game-change maybe gift swap, which in the end, didn't happen - I am done shopping.

I have officially entered the Comfort and Joy part of Christmas. What ever happens, happens. Whatever I have forget, we don't need. At this point, there is nothing that could be added to Christmas that would significantly, add and change the day.

We have enough food.
We have enough gifts.
We have enough comfort and joy.

It is time to start, unwind and realize that what we have is all we need. That the time we spend together is precious and better than any gift one could receive. It is time to start living in the Moment because as fast as it came, it will be gone.

I have had more than my fair share of comfort and joy this year. Some of it purposeful and some of it, completely unexpected. I loved all of it. Looking forward to the next few days and more comfort and joy. Take it, for yourself. Whatever it looks like in your life, grab it and hold on tight. There are so many paths, pick one and keep your eyes open. Comfort and joy are there for the taking, but you have to do your part...