Watch and learn...

The whole DidYouSeeTheGarageDoorGoDown is getting worse and worse. This has nothing to do with age, we have done this, forever. We have individually and collectively returned to the Mothership many, many times. I can not remember the garage door, not being down.

A year or so ago, I came up with a new plan. Seemingly, it would end our personal dilemia. It is not about knowing that the garage door is down it is about remembering, watching it go down. To mark the memory of closing the door and remembering said closing. That did work for a while but as conversations with each other, loud music and generally not paying attention kicked in, we were in trouble, yet again.

We left the house for church, got half way there and the words just came spilling out.

Do you remember watching the garage door go down?
No, but I am pretty sure it did.
How sure are you? 50, 75 or 90 percent?
Pretty, that is how sure I am.

We went with pretty and forgot about it a few minutes later, obviously secure in our pretty mindset. On the way home, I said, That is it. From now on, I will make myself take a picture of the downed door. No more wondering or turning around. I have had it!

So this morning when I left the house, out came the camera. All the way to the cable office, I smiled knowing that I had proof in my purse that burglars and thieves might as well go elsewhere, this is no Place to mess with...