oh come let us Adore him...

A dear friend had to take an emergency trip to do a very unChristmas like task, a funeral. Not a funeral that was expected nor easy to accept. She has been in my thoughts constantly since she left, we have texted a few times and during this day of driving. I had to stop the car and text her. Right, then, right now.

I was going down the street, looking for some place to pull over. Pulled into this little shopping mall, parked my car, heading toward the sun, got out my phone and got out the words that had haunted me for the last 3 miles. It went Something like this,

Oh Come let us Adore Him is not just for Christmas. It is for today, tommorrow and all the Days after that.

Sometimes you just need to hear what you need to hear.
Sometimes you just need to know that you are loved by someone, far away.
Sometimes you just need to pull over and do what you are suppose to do.

Do what you need when you need to do it. Learn to listen, practice paying attention and act, when it is time...