cause and effect...

Friday night was the Kony 2012, Cover The Night event. Every country, every city that participated - plastered walls, telephone poles and whatever else was legal or not. The Boise FB page showed that 3000 were shwoing up to the event and another 500, were maybes. The reality was 300, showed up.

Whether the fall of Jason Russell or the law enforcement's instructions that a piece of plastic was the only place to put posters, had an influence - we will never know. We hit downtown early but with the opening day of the Farmers Market, it was tough to see anything. Got some cool pics of the sidewalk art that had been done but that was about it.

Later in the day, we cruised around our little town and that there was some Kony action here. Had not even considered that there might be Something so close but looks like that would be an error on my part.

I have lived long enough to believe that you don't have to have a super, big number to succeed. One little poster can change the world, is a view I firmly believe in. From the day of the first video, I have prayed for Joseph Kony, every day. It is a specific prayer. Have imagined him in the jungle, or a safe house. Know that God knows exactly where he is. Part of the paryer is for his safety, that he be giving a chance to be arrested alive and not killed upon his whereabouts, being known. He is a wanted man and my prayer is that he is safe with God, before men find him.

Dude, you are on the run. There is nowhere to hide. Social media has changed the way a man is hunted and you best get your affairs in order, before you are found. Your face is everywhere. Every country, is looking for you. Where can you hide? How long can you run? Time for a come to Jesus, before it is too late.