eyes, wide open...

Dinner at Piehole. Bacon and pototo pizza, and a big slice of Real Life.

Before a reading by one of my favorite authors, David Sederis - my friend and I wandered the street of Boise, looking for a bite to eat. After passing a few, we both kept coming back to Piehole. Her son had said he loved it, we had passed it during Saturday Market, so it was settled.

We sat outside with our meal and it didn't take long for the entertainment to start. We heard them before we sawthem. A bachelorlette party, in full voice and swing. This ladies were sitting next to us but know that those a few blocks away, heard what we heard. Their excitement was contagious, these chicks obviously loved, to party.

It was obviously prom night. A constant slew of prom goers, one with their own photographer, roamed up and down the street. Beautiful gowns and lovely men wear kept our interest as we munched away, It was also soon apparent that their was another kind of prom going on. Or at the very least, a dress up event. There was a group, dressed to the nines in short, sassy dresses. Beautiful hair, looking their very best, who were also men. Not judging here, but is not a sight I am use to seeing. My camera started to jump put of purse. The ultimate in street photography, yet the fear of being beat up was greater. On the way to the theater, we saw 3 men dressed as an indian, a hippie and a police men and yes, they went into a bar. Camera, camera - where are you! Culture 2012 was in full swing and we took in every bit of it.

Soon, we had to head for our venue. A reading about limo drivers and colonoscopys, finished off our nights. Laughing at the everyday Moments that we all share. To hear about your family, make ours look just as crazy as we thought, now we can say it out loud.

Thank you, Boise for a wonderful night! It was a ball...