...if anything, did I learn today?

My favorite morning show, Morning Joe, always ends with the question, What, if anything, did we learn today?

With a bit of modification, it is a great question. I don't buy the notion that there may be a day, when nothing is learned. I don't care if you don't leave your bed, there is Something to be learned, every single day. If nothing else, to understand that the power to learn is ours, if we choose, all the time. Every moment, every hour, every day. No exceptions.

That being said and gotten off my chest, the things I am capable of learning and the things that are available to be learned are an nevernending lists of knowns and unknowns, taking turns at being in our thinking universes. Sometimes, there are common senses issues that we have forgotten or never learned properly enough to be anchored in our brains. Not talking about those, Oh darn, I did it again moments,it is about those, I never thought about it like that moments that give us cause for change.

Heard a doctor this morning, promoting his new book illness and he said if you take an 81 mg asprin a day for at three year, you lessen your chance of cancer by 36%. Just $2 a year seems a pretty small price to pay for any benefit, no less such a seemingly large one. I have been taking my daily baby orange tablet for about that long. Way before this doctor's recommendation, I had heard too much about this benefit, not to add it to my daily routine but nice to know, it was a good move.

Some things you learn, in progress. As this boy grows, I have to remember to ask permission to take his photo when we are out. I just saw him listening to him iPod while grocery shopping with his mom and me and had the shot in my head.
Furiously trying to get the camera out of my purse, the moment for spontaneity passed and the photo I had in my head became, staged. And...I forgot to ask Keaton's permission. He got a little red in the face but we were good. He is so close to being 13 and I must complete my journey of his boyhood and replace it with a new one. His manhood. Hugging, taking picture - need to learn that when we are out in public, the Do Ask policy is always, always in force.

I do ask myself this question everyday and even on the days that the answer hurts, I am still aware that learning stands alone. It is not about the outcome but what choices you make to go there. The chance to be better, do better and grow. Can hardly wait to see what is coming my way today...