manly men...

Not until my husband told me, did I understand anything about men. Many years ago, he explained how difficult it is to ask a girl out. First, a man has to talk himself into it and then, is at the mercy of said, woman. Let's be honest, women are not always kind.

Depending on which side of the beauty scale, he and she are at and the confidence of his ability to be given a chance, there are obviously many variables here but looking back over my experience and one guy in particular, I wished I had been more prepared and not tripping over myself, trying to run away and pretend it never happened.

Later, I would date someone who was far prettier than me. My friends would say, they would take him, anytime. It was not pretty but it is part of my history and hopefully, I learned from it.

Back to DH, what a wonderful 40 years he has spent with me. He actually deserves a trophy and a huge gift certificate of which will not be forthcoming but it is the thought that counts.

I hope this kid gets the girl. He looked so happy...

I hope his goofy grin, wins her over.
I hope he is smiling in 40 years.
I hope they live Happily Ever After.