RIP 467-3823 and Simplot


It is now official, retirement day for DH is June 29, 2012. Paperwork is done, money will be coming in Down The Road. The second Wednesday of the month will be our new favorite day. Seems unreal that it is here.

We are giving up the home phone and going all the way with the cells. It is time. Will be offline for a few days until we get new setup, up and running. Changes are coming faster and we are dodging and weaving, learning to love the new as we did the old.

Thought about keeping the old phone number but with the election coming up, we were pretty sure that giving it up was the best thing for our mental health. No more 10PM calls with fake voices, wanting something from us. The idea of living in the semi- anonymous world of cell phones is starting to make prefect sense.

It is just a phone, why the sad face? is the how I found out my girl was getting married, the same one that informed me, I was going to be a nana. It also brought the news that my father, mother and father in law were close to death. I imagine that I will never forget you, old friend. Thanks for the memories...

Change, here you come! We are as ready as we will ever, where is my phone?