Done with Facebook? So over Pinterest? Ready to take a chance at something new?

Kickstarter, have you heard of it? It allows us, the consumer to help get in on the ground floor of the New and Now. There are projects in many different areas of interest, that are waiting to be funded by us, Joe Public. Technology, art, books - someone brings their project to the virtual table and you have a chance to decide if you would like to help fund the said project and at what level. I took the plunge last week and have a new, smaller stylus for my iPad coming that sounds fabulous.

Not all projects meet their minimum and never get off the ground. Some are over funded by 100's of percent. There is a new invention sheriff in town and a new way of doing things. Fun to see some local projects too. Imagine there will be many more of this type of creative, outlets. It gives each one of us a chance, to take that one terrific idea and make it come to life. At any given time, we all have ideas and inventions floating around in our little heads. We carry them around for years, and then we see them of TV. As Seen On Tv - someone stole my idea.

The future is bright and the future is here. Not looking to reinvent the wheel, but a fresh start with new eyes. Ideas coming to life, looking forward to it all...