1. excessively proud of or concerned about one's own appearance, qualities, achievements, etc.

It occured to me this week that perhaps, one can live in a state of vanity, until the day they die. Have we not all noticed the 70 years woman who without the benefit of Cher or Joan Rivers funding, still dress like they are a teenager. Or the obituaries that feature a photo taken 50 years ago.

We now live in a youth-driven culture. I know several people who not in the 20's who say it is virtually impossible to get a job. If you are over 60, your chances drop even more. So perhaps the idea that dressing younger, might help. is plausible. Maybe the thing about vanity that bothers me the most is not that the physical is difficult to admit but it is the idealogy and attitude that comes with it.

I remember my mother wearing a short, 2 piece bathing suit, 20 years after she shouldn't have. I have a photo of her posing, Marilyn Monroe style that creeps me out, to this day. I admit I have a difficult time with women my own age, all my friends are at least 10 years younger but the ones I am attracted to are the ones who have accepted their age and are doing it with dignity and common sense. No illusions about what Season they are in life and living it to their best. That is how I want to be. Not fuddy-duddy but not trying to change back the clock but any means necessary.

I have heard it said that getting older is a gift that not everyone gets. That one sentence got me through my 60th birthday and it is still with me today. However, make no mistake. If money and fear of surgery were not as issue, I would be having one of those Lifelift things where I could look 50 again...Really?