Merry Christmas...

I got my final purchase earlier this week and now, I am a happy girl. Can I just say that 9 days from order to delivery - I LOVE Jones Soda Company. I am not positive but imagine that Santa and the elves could not have done it quicker!

Woke up today to a snow covered scene - nothing like Denver but for us, enought to cause problems for last minute shopping. I was going to watch the kids today as mommy and daddy finished their shopping. That will still happen but after everyone gets dug out. Not what we planned, like life usually goes the way we planned?

I can hear sirens going by on the main road now. I pray it is just a fender bender, nothing more serious. It is a silly thing to think - that the world could just come to a Bad Things Happening halt for a few days as we open presents, sing songs and celebrate the birth of Jesus. Life was not that way for Mary and Joseph. They hit the ground running with the birth of their son. Life was not easy for them or their baby or those around them. His birth brought consequences. Other mothers would soon lose their sons because of Jesus. As the preacher put it, They would give their lives for him before He was able to give His life for them.

For each of you, I wish the most wonderful of holidays. May these days bring a sleigh full of smiles to your face and warm fuzzies to your heart. May the love of your families overwhelm you - in a good way. I want to take lots of pictures to make memories for the kids. I still remember the year that Steve's dad played Santa. They heard bells outside and there he was. It wasn't until years later when Brandi was looking back at the pictures of that Christmas that she realized who Santa was - she was genuinely surprised but there was the proof,, right in the picture. My other favorite picture is my sister and I with our Christmas stash in the front yard with the church in the background. It was the church that my father hated and the church that bought our house the same day it went up for sale. Little did I know that years later, a church would come back into my life - this time, in a more positive way.

Merry Christmas, my friends. May your days be merry and bright. Have a wonderful holiday zalaine.

PS. will be back January 2. Until then, don't let what you know - get in the way of what you can learn...