no greater Love...

No matter what week it is - to see the Story of the Greatest Love that we will ever know is Something you can't forget. You can't run or hide - you have to make a choice. Either it is real to you or it isn't. Easter is something that we will all face - either now or later.

The camel seemed to enjoy his popularity during the show and the 2 lambs made their presence known as they walked the aisles. The kids did a FABulous job waving the palm leaves and the soldiers were ever on guard.

No way to walk away without questioning what you believe. Keaton had a few questions after and we talked a little bit about his concerns. He wondered how Jesus could get to heaven and get thru all the smoke when He rose. Good question - not sure I had an equally good answer. It will be interesting to see what he thinks as he processes. I don' t think I have heard the last of his questions.

My mind is full of the most improbable Story of a most probable God. Whatever happens on Sunday, my Easter was last night. There truly is no greater Love, no truer Story and most of all, no other God. I have lived without Him and I never want to live there again.

To see is to believe

To walk in grace is to believe

To love is to believe.

Happy Easter to you all. May you be filled with the Love that only He can give. May your peace be deep and your worries shallow....

PS. I am on princess duty next week as the DisneyWorld gang leave Easter morning so I will be back on April 16. Have a FABulous zalaine.