boys and girls...

It is always this way with our family. The boys stand and the girls, sit. Sports, birthday parties, and anytime at a park function.

Not sure if this is every one's experience but imagine that we can all agree that boys and girls are different. With school starting right around the corner, the shopping of clothes is hot and heavy in our neck of the woods. A late vacation is pressing the issue even more.

Miss M has her ideas about what one wears in first grade and has a closet to prove it. The boys have their own ideas too but only interested in shirts and pants. They have little interest in spend hours at The Children's Place are extremely thankful that there is a Best Buy, next door.

Keaton spent last week at a writing camp. Everyday last week, his team would head Downtown, exploring everything from a haunted building, the Basque museum and the local coffee shop. We were invited to an outdoor reading of each writer's choice on Friday in 102 degree heat. We were in the shade, the writers in the sun. The girls wrote of their mothers and how they shaped and uplifted their lives .2 of the girls read poems of quiet desperation, truly. The boys, not so much. Keaton wrote about Mars and how we would probably want to stay on earth. It was funny and though provoking. He wrote a delightful piece on Tully's coffee shop which was equally inspiring. They all learned about 6 word Stories, metaphors and similies and I dare say, their lives have been changed whether they be a girl or boy.

Although the changes have come steadily, this is the time they are becoming aware of each other. Boys and girls start to see Something Different and stat to have different feelings. We all travel this Road and this is wear we start to learn to appreciate each other and the ways we are not the same. Learn it now, boys and girls. It will go a long ways to helping you understand life. Best of luck to both camps!