self inflicted...

A 63-year-old California man was recovering in the hospital on Tuesday after trying to fix a hernia in his stomach with a six-inch butter knife, police said.

The man's wife called police to say her husband was sick and tired of waiting to get surgery for his rupture and decided to take matters into his own hands on Sunday evening, Glendale Police Sgt. Tom Lorenz told

When officers arrived at the couple's apartment, they discovered the man, naked and sprawled out on a lawnchair, with a butter knife protruding from his abdomen, Lorenz said. The man was cooperative and even pulled out the knife when asked, he said.

"As an officer, we are told that no call will be the same and to always expect the worst — from the dumbest thing in the world to carnage," said Lorenz, adding. "This falls somewhere in between.

This would have seemed weirder to me a few years ago but about to enter the world of the uninsured, has me seeing this form a different perspective. Crazy, maybe. A steak knife would have made more sense, a butter knife will only slow down the process. That is the thing that seems crazy, and the loudest.

Got word this afternoon that a world Olympian from our area took his own life Monday night. Had not heard much from him but a DUI Friday night, put in him back in the spotlight, for all the wrong reasons. We will never know why someone takes their own life. Even a note doesn't tell the whole Story. I experienced four funerals in a row where the deceased had taken their own life, it is just Something we won't understand this side of heaven.

There are many ways to self inflict ourselves. Imagine most if them would be seen as a negative but there is no reason we can't own the good things we do to ourselves. It is just that those never make the news. Seeing life in a positive way and attaching yourself to that will most likely never be seen by anyone by ourselves. Go ahead and do some good self inflicting, whether anyone is watching or not... Just for us.