80/20 rule...

It wasn't until we were part of planting a church that the 80/20 rule came into my sphere of being. 20% of the people do 80% of the work. The same formula is also true for the financial giving of a church. That was the first time I had ever heard of the80/20 rule. That is what I thought until today.

Apartment Therapy had a designer on talking about color, your home and the 80/20 rule. He said your home should be 80% neutral with 20% color to make it pop. It immediately resonated with me that I have been doing this for years in my own home. When I have ventured over the 20% color line, it has been disastrous. Many years ago, we weren't even finished putting WallpaperIHadToHave in the kitchen, and I knew, it was coming down. And it did, in a few days. Too much, made me crazy.

Now days, I have 8 rooms and 2 hall ways in my 1200 ft home. Living room, kitchen and eating area are basically one room and along with the 2 small hallways, all have color on the walls. The other 5 rooms are Polar Bear white. It makes me so happy. The color will change again but not the configuration. I have dabbled with the idea of painting closets and the pantry, some wild colors, Intrigued by the idea, now that I see the 80/20 in the house, maybe not.

Imagine if one did some digging, there would probably be more areas of 80/20 in our lives than we imagined. What about the Story of the Little Red Hen?

Once upon a time there was a little red hen. She lived with a pig, a duck and a cat.

She asked each on for help around the house and yard. Each had the same answer,

I will not

But when it was time to reap the benefits of all the hard work, they each had the same answer.

I will

What we forget is that the Little Red Hen said, Ok, all for me. We don't do that today. Mostly the 80/20 rule is as big as ever. Sometimes it feels, so natural and sometimes, it seems so unfair...