Do you find it odd that a word that means to give up Something you believe in for the greater good, contains the word, promise?

Does that mean you can put aside having it 100% your way and promise not to yell foul, later?

When you and Compromising cross paths, what does it look like? How does one decide when to compromise and when to hold your ground?

We do it a hundred times a day. With parents, husbands, children, family, jobs and community. Sometimes for the right reasons and sometimes, not. What does good and bad compromise look like and what are the consequences of either choice.

The first part is to figure out if a compromise is warranted. Compromising on something that should not be on the table, can bring difficult consequences. Likewise, being unwavering on something that should be considered bringsequally bad results. Be a student and learn to tell the difference. It will always be an ongoing project but you will get better and better at it.

Next, when you start the negotiating of said compromise, give away the chocolate, not the cream corn. Ever asked to bring food from your pantry for a special function and you start digging in the back of the can shelf for that cream corn that no one will eat. Grab the chocolate, compromise should be about value and the giving up the good stuff.

Third, stand by your promise. Meet in the middle and stay there. Don't waver or do takesie backsies. Stand by your word. You may even learn Something, imagine that...