different strokes...

Less than 12 hours after leaving the Shakespeare Festival after seeing The 39 Steps with Keaton, we were on the sidelines of Gage's first football game. First play, went to Gage with a touchdown. Of course it did. This boy thinks of nothing else. Football is his life. With his dad as his team's coach, he is getting everything he needs, including learning how to be try different things even when you were made to play wide receiver. His dad is no slacker and wants his boy to be well rounded. He loves football, but understands there is more to life.

As for Keaton, he could not care less about football. His heart is with the arts, writing and now, he is in love with live theatre. Ready to buy season passes next year, hearing him laugh Friday night, was well worth the price of a ticket. The boys could not be any more different. Between everyone in the family, their individual interests are being encouraged and they could not be happier.

You wonder how 2 kids with the same parents could be so different. A wonderful book by Cynthia Tobias, The Way They Learn, is an fabulous resource for understanding how to help one understand how their different children learn and how to change the way you relate to them which in turn, helps them learn how to be the best people, they can be.

Learn not to pigeon-hole kids. Learn to go with their flow, whatever it looks like to them. To be or not to be....Run like the wind, Bulleye.