Michael McDonald...less

Under the stars, in a fabulous venue - concert night. Michael McDonald and Boz Scaggs. The anticipation had been growing for months. A birthday gift for DH and I, from our kids.

With Grandma Sue in charge for the evening, we headed out. Seats in place, snacks in had - ready, set, go. Boz Scaggs hit the stand and the crowd was properly, uncontained. This was definitely the Geezer crowds nite with a few young ones, thrown in for good measure. The visual alone, was worth the price of the ticket.

After an unusally long set, Michael McDonald hits the stage, thanking us for our patience and saying stuff like, I know you came to hear me but I will make it up to you and you will hearing alot from Boz tonite. It still didn't dawn on me that we would not be hearing, Takin It To The Streets, sung by Mr Golden Voice. I was stunned. As was the audience. They bravely tried to act like they were fine with the whole change in plans but looking around, many were leaving. They went on to play 3 songs and then abruptly, ended the concert. They explained that MM was advised under doc's orders, not to preform...and just like that, we are on our way home.

Thinking back on last night, with the wide collection of people, the one thing that stands out is that music moves people. Everyone there last night was there for the music. Obviously fo rmany, they way they felt in their youth. For the less than Geritol group, it seemed so natural, like they have been doing it their whole lives. We were all there for the same reason, and it felt so good.

Life isn't fair. We all know it but when it happens to us, it is a different matter. Sometimes the unfairness is disappointment, sometimes it is much worse. A small thing in comparision to Real Life but MM said he was going to make it up to us - can't wait to see what he has in mind...