8 of us - 3 grandparents, 2 parents, 3 kids.

1 iPod Nano
3 iPod Shuffles
3 DS
3 iPads
3 laptops
4 video players
5 phones
7 cameras
14 sets of earphones.
luggage, backpacks, purses.
2 cars, completely loaded.

When we stepped into the front room of our house on the beach,I felt it. A few nights later, I had time to feel it again. Going on vacation is more of a emotion than being in a particular place. Some times, vacations are not really, vacations. Disguised as family reunions with a lot of have to's, while these may happen away from home, they are not vacations.

Even doing dishes and a bit of cooking, this was a true vacation. We obviously had our electronics with us and need more. Note to self, 3 iPads are not enough. Even with everything we brought, the ocean called to us on a regular basis and we, responded in kind. We spent quality time together, and had to place to be at any particular time. We fell into bed each night, very little chit chat and were ready to go again, every morning. Vacation, true vacation, reminds you that while your Real Life is waiting back home - that for now, this is your Real Life and to live it fully. Run, dance, smell the air. We all did that and so much more...