Last October, we launched Instagram live in the App Store. Today, less than one year later, we’re happy to announce that the Instagram community now consists of over 10 million registered users.

As we prepare to celebrate our first year in the App Store, we’d like to extend our thanks to each and every one of the ten million folks who have taken the time to participate in Instagram by sharing small moments of life through gorgeous mobile photos.

The Instagram Team
photo and statement via Internet and Blurb.

In less than a year, there are 10 million people who have changed the way they see and photograph the world. Quite an accomplishment, if you ask me.

I knew Instagram was a big deal. A few weeks ago, there was a post on Twitter about shooting a whole wedding on a iPhone. The book maker, Blurb, also saw the potential of offering us the ability to make Instragram books. It may be passing fad. In 10 years, would you still think having your wedding shot on a mobile phone a great idea? Maybe so.

My wedding photos now look like they were shot in Instagram. In shades of yellow, green - they look like the original 1970 photos that they are. If you are looking to save money, you could not find a better option. The iPhone 5 is on its way with better resolution that could just make it a option for those, not quite outside the box. While there will always be a need for a professional photographer, the digital age has taken quite a chunk out of the their business and continues to chip away at their livelihood. When the times get tough, the tough play a new game.

It is amazing to see how fast our lives are changing from day to day. Congrats Instagram, you have changed the way we think and these days, that seems to be a good thing...